The Ultimate Telematics Platform

Real-time fleet location, vehicle health, driver safety, regulatory compliance and fleet analytics are key parts of an effective fleet management solution.

Fleet Complete is a feature-rich integrated platform that can be catered to your driver and fleet needs.

compilation of devices with screenshots of ELD app, tracking map, and video replay of aggressive driving

One platform to manage it all

Locate your vehicles on the map, dispatch and track tasks, manage load planning, monitor Hours of Service status, run reports, schedule maintenance, evaluate risk status and more, all from the one platform.

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Protect your drivers

Greater insight into the fleet’s performance, managers can better assess driving patterns and coach drivers to reduce risky behavior. Reduction in speeding, harsh breaking, and harsh accelerating helps prolong vehicle health and lower chances of collisions and violations. In addition, crash detection and video telematics provide your drivers an added level of security when faced with false at-fault claims of aggressive driving behavior or during crash incidents. 

Fcvision Tailgaiting Phone Dashcam

Manage compliance

Fleet Complete offers solutions to help fleet managers and drivers streamline compliance with the ELD mandate, Hours of Service and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and IFTA reporting.

iOS and Android showing electronic log book app, BigRoad.

Track equipment and tools

Avoid unexpected losses by tracking the real-time location and operational status of assets such as trailers, containers, power generators and other mobile heavy equipment, powered or not. React quickly to any unauthorized activity, recover stolen assets in time,  and avoid hefty replacement costs.

Mobile phone showing map view of Asset Tracker Software that's tracking assets. Excavator asset is pictured behind mobile phone.



Pyramid Corporation has seen its collision rate drop by 75%. Since implementing Fleet Complete’s solution, only 1 out 12 vehicles has been involved in a minor collision, versus 1 out of 2 vehicles prior to its GPS tracking system.

Excerpt from Pyramid Corporation case study. 



The ultimate platform

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