How a Fleet Tracking System is the Answer to Small Businesses Challenges

Your business embraces a great idea, an amazing product or service, and dedicated employees to support it and make it grow. 

If part of your business includes managing a fleet, no matter the size, you shouldn’t overlook investing in a fleet management system to keep track of your vehicles, drivers, and valuable assets as one integral business tool.

Whether your vehicles are used to make deliveries, to transport your equipment and technicians, or offer a transportation service, taking control of your operations through a fleet management system is the best solution for your business. It’s the one tool that will help ensure that you’re not one of 51% of small businesses that fail within their first five years.

The sheer number of small businesses has grown drastically throughout the last decade, creating some steep competition. The challenge of remaining competitive in the delivery or transportation industries, however, can be solved through the implementation of fleet tracking services.

According to Statistics Canada:

  • On average, 150,000 small businesses are created each year, totaling approximately $1,087,803
  • 75% of all businesses in Canada have fewer than 10 employees.
  • Approximately 57% of these small businesses operate out of Ontario and Quebec.
3 trucks behind laptop and monitor running fleet tracking and asset management software.

Cut The Waste
In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s integral to the success of your company that you can operate as efficiently as possible while delivering the absolute best service possible. You don’t need to change your entire business model to see a 50% increase in your operation efficiency, however, a fleet tracking system can save you time, fuel, and stress through a streamlined dispatch and vehicle monitoring platform.

Screenshot of asset location menu

Easier dispatch occurs when your fleet managers can easily see where your drivers are, choose the closest one, and quickly send them all the necessary information to immediately get them on the road. This process can eliminate frustration between dispatch and your drivers while cutting the delivery time by at least 10 minutes.

Instead of the traditional two-way radio dispatch that can lead to confusion and possible miscommunication, affecting the entire delivery, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), a fleet management system provides clearer communication through a dashboard that can relay all information to a personal device such as iPhone, Android device or tablet.

Blue square with customer review truck management software.

Due to the intuitive system, your entire dispatch team requires fewer people. If you were thinking of hiring 3 or 4 dispatchers, instead consider a fleet tracking system that requires hiring only two. This saves your small business the salary and benefits of two full employees.

While saving time and eliminating the need for extraneous employees is one of your key targets, fuel is often one of the biggest wastes in any fleet. Idling, quick acceleration, speeding, and poor driving habits all contribute to excessive fuel usage. Gas mileage can be decreased through proper monitoring of driving behaviour and by educating your drivers on where waste happens, promoting its elimination.

Score Meter, fleet insurance by intact insurance.

Reduce Operational Liability

While saving fuel is a great incentive to monitor your driver activity, the long and short of it is that you are also responsible for the behavior of your drivers on the streets. If their behavior is dangerous for other drivers, you need to know about it. Many insurance companies, like Intact Insurance with my Fleet Solution, offer a discount on vehicle insurance if you have and use a fleet tracking system.

Increase Customer Service Capabilities

Small businesses, especially those prioritizing growth, know that it is incredibly important to retain customers by sticking to your values, guarantees, and ability to respond with as much information as possible — the first time. Fleet tracking systems ensure that you know exactly where your drivers are. If a customer or client calls in to inquire about their delivery, package, or when their service technician will arrive, you can easily provide an actual arrival time.

One of our customers, a small business delivery company, saw an increase in sales by 30% after instituting a fleet management system. Thanks to increased organization, the information available, and a reduced travel time, small businesses can offer a complete customer-centric service that they are able to grow by meeting the demands of their clients.

Case Study of Williams Towing, find out how fleet tracking has made the tow trucks 50% more efficient.

If a vehicle has crossed a pre-set geo-boundary, needs maintenance or something out-of-the-ordinary is happening to it, you can easily be alerted through dashboard notifications, aimed at keeping you in tune with your fleet.

Your Vehicles Are a Marketing Tool — Save Your Reputation

Your cars, vans, or trucks have most likely been outfitted to represent your brand. Whether it’s a magnet, vinyl sticker, or painted on, your vehicles are out there on the road, raising your brand awareness and potentially attracting new customers.

However, if your driver is speeding, cutting people off, or has been overdue for repair for months, that won’t make the best impression.

Through Fleet Tracking services, you can get a complete picture of what’s happening with your vehicles on the road. Maintenance schedules and engine functionality can all be transmitted to your dashboard, and driving infractions can be a cue for driver coaching.

Fleet Complete’s Fleet Tracking System is easy-to-use and completely scalable as you grow your business, which we know you can. Through proper vehicle management, monitoring, and real-time tracking, our fleet management software was built to help you keep track of your business, increase your efficiency, and increase your return on investment.

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