Beyond Traditional Tracking: Creative Uses of GPS Technology

In the “Beyond Traditional Tracking” series we continue to bring you real life examples of how our clients are using Fleet Complete products in unexpected ways.

Solar Powered LED Light Towers

Companies in the oil industry routinely leave expensive equipment in remote locations. We often think of these companies tracking generators or excavating equipment, but one of Fleet Complete’s clients is tracking other cool equipment.

When working on remote areas lighting systems become very important to the safety of workers in the field as well as the success of the project. Our client has opted to power gigantic LED towers through solar panels. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly solution, but it also allows the company to decrease energy costs. The downside of the technology is the cost, solar panels are expensive. The cost of solar panels added to that of the LED light towers, represents a significant business investment for our client.

By tracking these systems and the solar power batteries with the Fleet Complete Asset Tracker, our client is decreasing their financial risk. Having visibility over the equipment at all times is helping them optimize asset usage in the field, as well as giving managers peace of mind.

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