Municipal District of Provost

Municipal District of Provost needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing GIS Website, so that the team could have a consolidated view of their fleet.

At a glance

  • 53 Fleet Trackers
  • Custom integration with GIS Website
  • Accessible on variety of mobile devices
  • Provide WIFI hotspot capability in cab to connect laptops / tablets
  • Improved visibility of vehicles and driver accountability
  • Single platform with GIS mapping and asset locations
Screen capture of MD of Provosts’ existing GIS Website.

Vehicle map layer in the GIS Website.


Located in east-central Alberta, Canada, the Municipal District (MD) of Provost was established in 1943 and continuously strives for top quality service to its taxpayers via progressive development of public infrastructure, balanced with predictable and equitable taxation. At the core of its mission, the MD of Provost are to conserve agricultural land, maintain and develop a viable Roads Transportation Network, and provide police, fire, emergency medical, trash and other municipal services to its 2,288 residents.

"Implementing MRF GIS Website, integrated with Fleet Complete GPS tracking, was a quick and easy process, and the system is very user friendly. It was easy for me to do my Public Works reports. It is a user-friendly system that uses desktop PCs and mobile devices to track our fleet. We are currently working on a way to track graveling and blade up and down."

- Wayne MacLean , Director of Public Works


MD of Provost has a diverse fleet of graders, trucks, plows and cars that needed to be tracked. A number of the vehicles was monitored using software from the manufacturer, but that meant that the team had to log into multiple applications to view the location of each vehicle separately with no single platform that provided a consolidated view.

MD of Provost also needed a tracking platform that would work well with its GIS Website in order for their users to see whether the roads have been plowed, graveled or graded. In an emergency, the team needed a way to dispatch vehicles and respond to the event with GPS navigation using the latest road condition to avoid blocked roads and construction zones.

Screen capture of MD of Provosts’ existing GIS Website.

Vehicle location search in the GIS Website.


MD of Provost purchased 53 MGS100 Fleet Trackers with Fleet Complete. Installed by trained professionals, the new devices now enable the Public Works team to monitor and manage their fleet in a single application, while immediate access to vehicle location has reduced the county’s response times to incidents.

The most invaluable feature, according to Wayne and the team, is the unlimited user access to the Fleet Complete application. Today, the Fleet Complete application is used by the police and fire departments to help them deal with emergency situations.

Fleet Complete easily integrated with MD of Provost’s existing GIS Website to provide Wayne and his team a consolidated view of the fleet, as well as MRF’s robust mapping platform. With Fleet Complete providing realtime GPS location of all assets through the web service/API, the county is able to view comprehensive activity status of the entire fleet and neighbourhoods on the MRF GIS Website.


The combined Fleet Complete and MRF solution have proven to create a comprehensive, one-stop-shop system, delivering full visibility into all active assets and significantly improving the emergency response time.

This has played an invaluable role in better serving Provost tax payers and enhanced the reporting capabilities for cost reduction purposes.