Gaudreau leverages Fleet Complete on a 200 vehicle fleet to deliver a higher level of customer service and improve driver productivity by 15%.

At a glance

  • Field Services Industry
  • Fleet Tracker Implemented
  • 200 Vehicle Fleet
  • Increased revenue by $636,000/year
  • Saved $160,000 in vehicle recovery
garbage sorting facility


From garbage collection and landfill site management to the operation of a sorting centre, plastics recycling plant and composting platforms, Gaudreau has been a world leader in material management for more than half a century. Each day, over 400 employees use the company’s 200 vehicle fleet to collect septic waste and other compostable or recyclable materials from commercial, industrial and residential locations. The Quebec-based firm specializes in playing a key role in every step of the process including collection, transporting or processing recyclable and compostable materials, as well as waste meant for removal.


Gaudreau Environment’s mission is to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective services to thousands of customers in the province. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve operations to ensure impeccably scheduled, efficient and timely service.

"Without a GPS system, we had no real-time information and limited insight into where our drivers were at any given time."

- Marc Fournier

“Today’s customers are looking for immediate confirmation that materials were indeed picked up at the specified times,” notes Marc Fournier, Operations Manager. “Without a GPS system, we had no real-time information and limited insight into where our drivers were at any given time. We also needed the flexibility to respond to an increasing number of ad hoc collection requests in the course of a given day.”



Gaudreau was looking to implement GPS technology that would allow them to achieve key operational benefits, such as quicker and easier dispatch, organized fleet, driver accountability and increased response to customers. After reviewing various options in the marketplace, Gaudreau decided to deploy Fleet Complete – a GPS-based platform – to improve real-time management of fleet and mobile workforce.

“We looked at a few GPS products out there but determined that Fleet Complete was an ideal fit for us from a cost and ease-of-use perspective,” said Fournier.

Gaudreau red garbage truck

The company gradually outfitted all of their 200 vehicles with Fleet Complete hardware. The implementation seamlessly blended into the company’s working schedule and was completed in a 4-month period. With Fleet Complete in place, staff members are now using their own mobile devices such as Blackberries and Windows Mobile phones to access vehicle speed and location in real-time.


Fournier estimates that Fleet Complete helped Gaudreau improve driver productivity by 15%. This was achieved through streamlining dispatching processes, increasing driver accountability and better route management all done through Fleet Complete.

screenshot of a report displaying a spreadsheet of data
Screenshot of asset location menu

Real-time location reports allow the dispatchers to reassure customers that material collection has occurred within the specified time frame, which significantly improved customer experience and eliminated a large amount of phone calls between dispatchers, drivers and the customer.

Insight into fleet’s location provides dispatchers with visibility of a closest available truck for an urgent job. With these capabilities available to them, Gaudreau is earning a strong, reliable reputation with their customers as well as saving 10% annually on fuel costs by eliminating unnecessarily lengthy trips.

"This helps us be more flexible and ensure customer satisfaction in meeting the growing material collection needs of our client base,"

- Marc Fournier

“Instead of our dispatchers spending time calling each driver to determine location, they can now automatically identify where vehicles are located and access detailed trip history information. If a client requires an immediate pick-up, we can quickly track who is closest and reassign drivers for ad hoc collections,” says Fournier.