Beaumont Transport

Beaumont Transport has grown from a two-truck operation in 1970 to a major force in the industry, with a fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest communication and on-board systems to maximise safety and efficiency.

At a glance

  • Established in Ipswich in 1970
  • Employ more than 220 people
  • Services the coal industry transporting a variety of goods
  • Has 6 site locations throughout Queensland and New South Wales
  • Has a fleet end loaders, bulldozers and excavators


With large numbers of vehicles operating in different locations over vast areas, efficient and effective asset utilisation and information management is vital.

Five years ago, Beaumont Transport was already using a form of GPS tracking but was unsatisfied with the quality of data and support provided. A search for alternatives led to a decision to trial Fleet Complete. Today, Fleet Complete’s GPS devices are fitted in all of Beaumont Transport’s prime movers
– over 90 in total.


Beaumont Transport has found the Fleet Complete system to be extremely reliable and cost effective, backed up by exceptional service, delivering a solution tailored to its specific needs.

"The technology gives us real time data 24 hours a day, seven days a week so we can manage our drivers and vehicles far more efficiently, safely and cost effectively than would otherwise be possible. Added to that, the back-end support is second to none."

- Sam Ward, Operations Manager , Beaumont Transport


Beaumont Transport is committed to providing its clients with a high standard of service delivery. The Fleet Complete technology supports efficient and safe daily operations through time & fatigue management, job tracking and crash avoidance.

Software allows the user to see trips made, stops, scheduled routes, arrival and departure times and other performance and activity related data.

Fleet Complete’s GPS devices and tailored reporting have enabled safer and more efficient operations which in turn continue to bring ongoing cost savings to the business.