GPS Fleet Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Running a fleet, no matter the size, can be complex, expensive and stressful, powered by state-of-the-art GPS technology, the GPS Fleet Tracker and Fleet Managementsolution provides you with real-time visibility over your fleet and vehicle diagnostic data to help you drastically reduce fuel, insurance, maintenance and other related costs while reducing your carbon footprint. The Fleet Complete system turns the field data into actionable business intelligence that will help you make smart decisions and efficiently manage your fleet.

Fleet Tracker works by installing an MGS hardware device in the vehicle. The in-vehicle devices can be plugged into the OBD-II/CANBUS, J1939 OR J1708 connections or hardwired into your vehicles and collect important information such as ECM status*, ignition status, battery voltage, DTC Codes*, as well as driver behaviors such as speeding, idling, harsh cornering/braking and rapid acceleration. Knowing the real-time location of each of your vehicles, helps dispatchers save fuel by sending the closest driver to the next job. Information about aggressive driving-speeding, harsh breaking, hard cornering-allows managers and owners to coach drivers, minimizing behaviors that lead to fuel waste.
* Can be obtained only with OBD-II/CANBUS, J1939 or J1708 connections.

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Hard breaking. Hard Braking & Rapid Acceleration
Reduces fuel economy by 33% on the highway, 5% in the city
Speeding. Speeding
Each 10 km/h (6.2mp/h) over 100 km/h (62mp/h) decreases fuel economy by 10%.
Idling. Idling
A typical truck can use up to 4 liters of fuel during 1 hour of idling. If your truck idles for three hours a day, you could be spending an extra $20 a day or $7,300 per year in fuel.
Maintenance. Regular Vehicle Maintenance
Makes fleet vehicles more fuel-efficient and reduces emissions. Keeping tires properly inflated, for example, can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 19%
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